Project Updates

June 7, 2018Third public meeting at Roper Elementary School. The design has progressed to approximately 50% complete. The maps at this meeting have been updated to show preliminary limits of construction, storm sewer and driveway construction. The limits of the two separate projects have also been determined
February 23, 20181st Submittal Plans submitted to the City. Design approximately 30% complete.
September 2016Olsson Associates is selected as the design consultant for the project.
May 25, 2017Nearly 150 people attend the first public meeting at Roper Elementary School. Meeting attendees were asked to locate and describe their concerns and suggestions for improvements on aerial maps. Topics of concern included storm water drainage, the current condition of the roadway, traffic flow, pedestrian and bicycle access and concerns about construction.
July 2017Meetings with stakeholders are held as the project team continues to seek feedback from area businesses and local agencies.
August 2017A traffic study throughout the corridor is completed, which includes current and future traffic counts, crash data and wait times at intersections during peak hours.
September 2017The project team meets with the project’s Citizen Advisory Committee as part of the West A Neighborhood Association meeting to preview the proposed concepts.
October 19, 2017The second public meeting at Roper Elementary School included nearly 150 people who shared feedback on the proposed design alternative for the project.
October 2017 Under a separate project, the box culvert between SW 30th and SW 27th is temporarily repaired. The drainage structure will be completely replaced with the roadway project in 2021.